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OSCP Preparation By Suraj Waghmare

🤗 Remember the regrets of the 100-year-olds. Work hard, stay focused, but quit at a reasonable time. Spend time with friends and family today, go outside, and don’t skip your workout .

You can change stages as per your understanding. You you want you can first go for htb and then official material or vice versa.

The Journey to Try Harder: TJnull’s Preparation Guide for PEN-200 PWK/OSCP 2.0

✅ Stage 1 Study Hard

NEW: The 10 PWK lab machines reported on must include Active Directory targets. Offsec decided to give 10 bonus points for lab report so I will insist to create lab report.

Requires completion of at least 10 PWK lab machines along with a detailed report, including all of the PWK course exercise solutions for a total value of 10 Bonus Points.

NEW: The 10 PWK lab machines reported on must include Active Directory targets.

I found this blog helpful to understand active directory

Nairuz Abulhul - Medium

✒ Stage 2 - TJ Null htb ( Can be skipped if you have done 50+ htb boxes)

IppSec - Search

You can do this stage after completing course material but you will loose your lab time. Better you start it before lab or after completing your lab.

If you think machines from hack the box are difficult to crack, you can start with virtual hacking labs. They have great lab to start with. As offsec has decided to reduce bof marks to 10 I have not included separate tracker for that. You can use tryhackme room if you feel unprepared.

❂ Stage 3 Pre-Exam

If you have done 50+ boxes from htb and 50+ boxes from offsec lab you can skip this part. But I will recommend to do it.

◎ Stage 4 Exam

Other resources I used

TJ-Null Linux

OSCP Lab - Boxex

TJ PG - Linux

TJ- PG Windows

Tj Null Windows

OSCP PDF Excercise

Web Links

📥 Course Material

Other resources I used

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