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In addition to using “Android Studio” for using “Android Emulator” ( How to start Android Emulator (AVD) ) there is also a “Tool” called “Genymotion” that can be used as well, most importantly, it is very fast…. .

Step (Step)

  1. Go to the Genymotion website to download the program.

  2. But before downloading, you need to sign up first (Sign in).genomotion01

Image 1:

  1. When “Activate” via “e-mail”, you can download the program at https://cloud.genymotion.com/page/launchpad/download/

  2. Then finish installing the program.

  3. Please “login” with “Account” that you have applied from the “Genymotion” website.genomotion02

Image 2:

  1. Then select “Device” for use.genomotion03

Image 3:

  1. The program will download the “device”, wait for it to finish.

  2. Then download Appie2 to set the “SDK” to “Genymotion” and also have the key “Tool” for testing.

  3. Unzip the “.zip” file and go to the folder. “[Appie2 storage folder]/bin/adt/sdk/”

  4. Set the SDK (Settings > ADB) according to the folder number 9.genomotion04

Image 4:

  1. Test Try “Run”genomotion05

Image 5: